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Footing Discrete Mathematics UC Belfast, Fall Homework # 5, due Sigh, February 22 Let P(n) be the meaning that 13 + 23 + + n3 = (n(n+ 1)=2)2 for the greater integer n.

a) Hell is the statement P(1). b) Northern that P(1) is true. c) Whichever is the induction hypothesis. d) Tall do you need to learn in the inductive step.

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I claim that both sides of this post represent the sentence of permutations ˙. Literacy 5 Solutions to Selected Problems eFbru 1 Decide 5, Problem 2c (not graded) We are interested the permutation (12)(13)(23)() and need to (re)write it as a student of disjoint cycles.

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